Marc Obregon

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Marc Obregon
Advertising & Graphic Design

Accelerator Advertising


Lewis Center, Ohio 43035


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I help your business make a good impression the first time, second time, and hundredth time!

My professional focus is to help companies and institutions gain market share, boost sales, and raise visibility using Pure Ideas that work across all media delivering a consistent, integrated voice for your brand. This one powerful voice for brand is the key to delivering powerful and profitable results from your marketing and advertising.

Our agency focus is on marketing, advertising, promotion, and design services. We create, develop, design, and execute marketing positions, approaches and communications, and provide strategy and creative ideas to raise visibility and awareness of your products and services!

Accelerator Advertising is a leading 360-degree agency recognized for being an innovation driver in virtually every industry sector. This wide swath of proven experience means we deliver to our clients a very enviable cross-industry advantage.

Specialties: Branding, design, promotion, creative thinking, problem solving