What to Expect at a Synergy National Event

Networking: 11:30am – 12:00pm
Event and Lunch: 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Networking – Please take advantage of the informal time to meet and interact with members and other guests.

Business Cards – During the event, you will be prompted to pass a stack of your business cards to the left. When cards come to you, be sure to take one of each for your reference and follow-up.

Guest Introductions – Guests, you will have 60 seconds to tell us about yourself and what a good referral is for you. You will have TWO opportunities during the meeting to stand and share your information. Please Note: We are glad you are here to experience what our Business Development Community has to offer, but if your category is full at this chapter, we ask that you do NOT promote your business during your 60-second opportunities. We will direct you to the appropriate chapter. This is out of respect to our existing membership.

Presenters – At each meeting, we typically showcase two members. Each member will have a total of 10 minutes to present and educate us more about their business and share how we, as members, can become outstanding referral sources for them!

Warm Referrals – We only pass warm referrals at Synergy National. By building each other up, the prospective client can’t wait until the Synergy Member calls to make contact.

Guest Expectations – We do not expect you to pass referrals as a guest, but you are welcome to do so if you know of someone who wants a product or service which our members offer.

Referral Value – Take note of the number of referrals being announced and passed, as we will talk about the VALUE of the referrals during the announcement portion of the meeting.

Build A Warm Referral System Through Networking.

Our proven and tested system provides you with more than just cold leads!

You Never Know Who People Know!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in networking is to dismiss someone too early and not pursue the relationship because you assume they have nothing to offer you as a result of their professional background or some other reason.

Synergy National Options:

You have several different options in participating and benefiting from Synergy National’s business building programs in the Ohio area. Network with the ones that are right for you and your business:

Synergy National’s “Chapters” are exclusive groups that have formed to do business with each other and pass warm referrals. The chapters only have one professional per category and each professional only belongs to one referral based networking group. However, all chapter members are welcome to belong to other Chambers, Rotaries, Church groups, and other civic organizations.

Synergy National also has “Development Groups” (such as a Power Investment Partner Group and a Business Development Group along with our proprietary Synergy Academy). These groups focus on developing business systems and marketing campaigns to generate increased revenue for each member.