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Lillian Zarzar
Interpersonal Communication Specialist

The Zarzar Group


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The average citizen does not value education and freedom to the same level of commitment in which Lillian Zarzar, Founder of The Zarzar Group, bestows and holds close to her heart. Born in Lima, Peru, Lillian was five when her family traveled by boat to New York City, then by train to arrive at their final destination of Lima, Ohio. Upon graduation from Shawnee High School, she embarked on a journey of surrounding herself with a lineage of speaking engagements, sharing wisdom through her books and teaching college students. As a Certified Speaking Professional, Author, Writer and Adjunct Faculty Member, she continues to enrich the lives of others, every day.

After obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Journalism (BSJ) from Ohio University, she worked at The Ohio State University Lima Campus in the Admissions Office as a Freshman Recruiter. In 1986, Lillian received her Masters in Speech Communication from Bowling Green, then shifted her sights back to Columbus, Ohio and worked for The Ohio State University at the Columbus Campus. In 1992, Lillian launched her own company, Mindshift, and was versed in 14 courses between the Fred Pryor Seminars and Skill Path Seminars.

During 1993-2009 she traveled extensively as an International Speaker and taught on 5 Continents including Australia, England, Southeast Asia, South Africa and throughout all 50 States. As a member of the Global Speakers Federation (GFS), Lillian earned her Certified Speaking Professional Designation (CSP) in 2005. Lillian embarked on a 4-year study and certification process in order to achieve the credentials of Trained Demartini Facilitator® through the Demartini Institute. She re-launched her business and founded, The Zarzar Group. Under this business model, she is able to effectively help individuals craft their messages so they are received as intended. “People think that because they can talk, they can speak.”

As Chair of the Roundtable Taskforce with the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO Columbus) and as the E-Learning Director and Polaris Chapter Director with Synergy National, Lillian is able to share her wisdom and drive these organizations to the next level. For the last several years, Lillian Zarzar has served as an Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Communication Studies at both the Lancaster and Pickerington Campuses of Ohio University. She is thankful for her position to serve, inspire, motivate and challenge her students. It is not uncommon for Lillian to be asked, “What are you doing here in class with us, when you should be out changing the world?” Her sincere reply, “I am changing the World…..through all of you!”