Diane Wingerter

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Diane Wingerter
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Totally Exposed, dba GrantWriting For Goodness™


Columbus, Ohio


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For over 15 years, Diane Wingerter, founder of Totally Exposed has been producing, co-producing, promoting, and exhibiting at Trade Shows across the United States. No matter what part of the country the Trade Show is being held at, the same principles and philosophy apply when making sure that such an opportunity is successful. Every business owner is passionate about why they started their business. This core passion is what needs to be expressed during this opportunity to interact with fellow exhibitors and the attendees during this face- to- face opportunity. If you have individuals representing your business that are lacking in enthusiasm…theyn why are they there??? In this instance, more harm than good is taking place. One of the services that Totally Exposed provides is to actually set-up and be present at a Trade Show event on your behalf. It is a great way to facilitate what needs to take place, and you, the owner do not need to give up your time and energy to do so…hire an expert!

With over 25 years of Entrepreneurial Experience along with interacting with thousands of Business Owners, Diane Wingerter has gained a complete understanding of the Entrepreneurial mindset and the elements critical to arming a business owner with the ingredients for success! Providing a business owner with support and a strategic plan that executes awareness and promotion of how their product or service is unique is the difference between failure and success. Every connection is truly worthwhile and exposing business owners to consumers and connecting business owners to other business owners are key components that Diane loves to facilitate. It is not uncommon for Diane to pose the question… how can I help you, and who can I connect YOU to?